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Anyone still here?

A friend and I have just started on WW Vintage Points (as in the plan what came before those Pro Points appeared) and I'm thinking this community must still have loads of content on for the plan (as it seems to have died with Pro Points).

Anyone else still fighting the good fight?
 Ok it is 2010 and I am going to be 40 in the summer and I don't want to be fat and 40!!

So this week I joined Weight Watchers.............. again!!!  I have tried it before and failed.  I have tried slimming world and failed........... I have tried lots of things and failed.  Not this time!   I DON'T WANT TO BE FAT AND 40!!!!

I am already 3 weeks behind my new years resolution, to loose weight.  The excuse is I hurt my back between Christmas and New Year, but carried on as normal and for three weeks I managed going to work, which is really physical, I am a teacher in a special needs school working with autistic teenagers/challenging behaviour and a young man with cerebral palsy.  However last week I could hardly walk, so off I went to a chiropractor and am off work.  So i brought some magazines, on of them being Weight Watchers.  Found out where my local meeting was and off I went.

:-( Not a good start, I was mortified at how much I weight, but I am determined to do this............

As I am writing this it is day 2 of week 1, I have made some soup, peppers, butternut squash and carrots for 0 points!!! So whenever those hunger pains or for me as a comfort eater, when I am stressed I am going to eat that.  I am also going to make some sugar free jelly, for when I want something sweet again for 0 points.

I don't know how interesting this will be, it is more to give me something to do when I am stressed but don't want to give in to my usual habit of eating rubbish!!!!  

Life can be difficult, and but you never know writing this might just make it more bearable!!!! 

On eating your full points allowance

I've been doing Weight Watchers for six weeks now and I've lost one-and-a-half pounds overall. The lady who joined the same week as I did has lost 24 pounds in the same timeframe and got to her 10% goal today. When she found out my progress, she remarked that she was surprised that I was still smiling and determined, as she'd be in tears if that happened to her. She didn't say this in a mean way but the conversation turned what was a small frustration in the back of my mind into a real sense of disappointment that my progress has been so slow and I left the meeting feeling deflated.

I've spent the afternoon thinking about the positive aspects of my weight loss journey. I am happy that I'm eating and feeling healthier, that my weight loss is going in the right direction and that my clothes are fitting better. I'm not looking for a quick fix to my weight problem because I want to lose my excess fat, not water and muscle, and at the end of the day I want to be strong and healthy as well as slim. I'm also pleased that I am learning how to deal with emotions like stress, boredom or sadness in a way that doesn't involve eating and enjoying a much healthier relationship with food.

I've also been seriously thinking about why my weight loss has been slow, and what I could do this week to achieve better results. We didn't have our usual Leader this week and the stand-in wasn't as good at timekeeping, so unfortunately I had to rush back to work as soon as the meeting finished and couldn't get some individualised advice and support on where I might be going wrong. One area where I suspect I might be going wrong is that I'm not quite eating my full points allowance. I have a daily allowance of 22 points but tend to eat only around 20 points because I eat a lot of filling foods. Our Leader also encourages us to not eat the Activity Points we earn, so I have a bank equal to a day's worth of points left each week. Do you think that this is undermining my weight loss and should I make an effort to eat exactly 22 points each and every day this week (or treat myself to something really high in points values one day) to see if that makes a difference?

weight watchers recipes community

If you enjoy cooking and want new weight watchers recipes then pop over to recipes4ww and get inspired!

Bad day

I'm feeling very crappy after having a bad day at work and subsequently binging on crisps and chocolate (and KFC for lunch!).

I was doing so well.  Lost 7 lbs in my first week, and 2 lbs in my second.  Now I just feel bloated and lethargic and FAT!

Does anybody have any tips for making myself feel better and getting back on track?

Emily xx

Forgive me WW, for I have sinned.


So, after a full year at Weight Watchers I now weigh the same as I did upon starting! That's 19 stone, but this time I haven't just had a baby. I feel so disappointed in myself and the fact that no one force fed me, I just ate too much shitty food and drank too much booze. When I reached 15 stone I felt so good, and now all the familiar aches and pains have returned. So this is it, my confession. From hereon in I am hoping I can get right back on track and get my act together. I will not lose 10 stone by the wedding (unless I lose my legs and one of my arms, and a whole lot of tummy!) but I can make a difference to my appearance and even half a stone is a positive step.

Hope everyone is feeling good and doing great at the moment! I'm hoping to join you from today!

**I should add that I decided to try a slim fast shake yesterday, and it tasted like ass**

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I'm feeling so disheartened. I started WW in August and tonight's weigh in puts me a pound and a half HEAVIER than I was when I started. In the first 7 weeks I lost 10.5lbs, but I've slowly put it back on.
I dont understand where I'm going wrong because it doesnt make sense. My weight did not change whatsoever over the four weeks before and after Christmas which is when I thought I would've gained!

Any advice? I'm going to do KickStart this week and next to see if I cant boost something in me, but it's difficult to stay positive when I'm not getting anywhere :(