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Forgive me WW, for I have sinned.


So, after a full year at Weight Watchers I now weigh the same as I did upon starting! That's 19 stone, but this time I haven't just had a baby. I feel so disappointed in myself and the fact that no one force fed me, I just ate too much shitty food and drank too much booze. When I reached 15 stone I felt so good, and now all the familiar aches and pains have returned. So this is it, my confession. From hereon in I am hoping I can get right back on track and get my act together. I will not lose 10 stone by the wedding (unless I lose my legs and one of my arms, and a whole lot of tummy!) but I can make a difference to my appearance and even half a stone is a positive step.

Hope everyone is feeling good and doing great at the moment! I'm hoping to join you from today!

**I should add that I decided to try a slim fast shake yesterday, and it tasted like ass**